The PETROSLEEVE® ships with complimentary Analysis/Documentation software. Each sleeve installation is verified using our patented E.I.P. Software to ensure quality control throughout the process.

No other repair system delivers the ability to field determine the stress conditions of the repaired pipe, for all pressure ranges, after a repair is completed.

The EIP (Engineering Installation Parameters) Software is a computer model that enables you to define installation criteria. Then, it allows you to determine the stress conditions of the repair system at the completion of the repair.
Your EIP Software assists you to:
1) Design a PETRO
SLEEVE® installation
2) Determine Installation Parameters
3) Evaluate the completed Installation
4) Print a Report of the Installation

The EIP Software provides you with a guide for installation and a Data Review of the achieved final repair situation.

First, input Pipeline and Sleeve parameters into the software and the installation specifications are generated.

Then, upon completion of the repair, input Quality Control data into the software to illustrate the repair situation achieved with respect to the pipeline operating conditions.

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