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Easy Installation

The PETROSLEEVE® is a non-intrusive Repair System that is easy for any crew to perform. The carrier pipe is cleaned, epoxy is applied, the PETROSLEEVE® is assembled, the sleeve is brought to the required compression, and then welded together... all in about an hour. The PETROSLEEVE® installation is easy to learn and easy to teach others.

There is no welding to the carrier pipe.
Free EIP(Engineering Installation Parameter) Software calculates,
records and confirms stress conditions of each installation.

Qualified and experienced installation crews are available
SLEEVE® can assemble a qualified and experienced installation crew for your project. We deliver and install the PETROSLEEVE® and provide a complete Quality Control report documenting the installation. In an emergency situation, we can rapidly mobilize Qualified Installers to travel to your location and utilize your existing crews to install the sleeve. Link to Services to find out more.

Training - Become a certified PETROSLEEVE® installer
SLEEVE® can teach a member of your crew to become a certified PETROSLEEVE® installer. This cost efficient solution allows local crews to complete installations. Link to Services to find out more.

January 2004 - PETROSLEEVE® is pleased to announce we have reached an agreement with ISN Software Corporation (ISN) as their newest Data provider to provide PETROSLEEVE® training information to its clients utilizing ISNetworld’s online data management site. ...full announcement (see PETRO-NEWS pdf)