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With more than 2500 installations, the PETROSLEEVE® is field proven.

Quality Assurance
The PETROSLEEVE® is tested and validated as a permanent pipe repair. The PETROSLEEVE® is the only pipe repair, short of a cut-out, that repairs cracking and does not require welding to the pipeline. Each sleeve installation is verified using quality control procedures with complimentary Analysis/Documentation EIP software. The PETROSLEEVE®:

Maintains constant compression on the carrier pipe and never separates
Permanently restores the serviceability of the pipe
Eliminates any welding to the pipe
Installs in all weather conditions
Stops defects from growing
Permanently repairs defects

Precision Manufactured

Each PETROSLEEVE® is manufactured to exact specifications to meet the repair objectives of each pipeline situation. Our Quality Control procedures ensure precise design and installation.

Exacting Installation Parameters

Prior to installing a PETROSLEEVE®, the EIP (Engineering Installation Parameters) software determines the sleeve design and installation parameters. The sleeve/pipe/defect assembly is designed to arrest the growth or deterioration of the defect. After installation, the EIP computer software program calculates the stress level in the steel under the PETROSLEEVE® and determines the stress intensity at the crack tip (in the case of a stress concentrating defect).

Repair Integrity

When the PETROSLEEVE® Repair System is used for a pipe defect, the installation provides additional integrity to the pipe equivalent to a heavy wall section of pipe. When installation is complete, the compression forces between the sleeve and pipe are established, the excess epoxy is extruded from between the pipe and sleeve, and the remaining epoxy continues to cure.

Significant Severe Pressure Testing

Significant cyclic pressure testing was performed in an attempt to extend fatigue cracking. No evidence of crack extension was identified after 35,600 severe pressure cycles.

Repair Longevity

Because the sleeve is composed of steel, the impressed cathodic protection used to protect the pipeline also protects the PETROSLEEVE®. Also, since the epoxy is shielded from ultraviolet rays, the epoxy life matches the PETROSLEEVE® steel.

Complete Documentation

Each PETROSLEEVE® is tracked through the manufacturing process by a Serial Number, which references material specifications, weld data, inspection criteria, and manufacturing history.