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U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has amended the regulations for repair of both gas transmission and liquid pipelines. The regulations have been changed from stating specific repair methods to a performance based criteria.

The performance-based phrase for dents, general corrosion, imperfections and damage, and leaks:

"Repaired by a method that reliable engineering tests and analyses
show can permanently restore the serviceability of the pipe."

This criteria is used in all the revised sections of PART 192.

The testing undertaken by PETROSLEEVE® illustrates the PETROSLEEVE® restrains bulging, arrests cracking, and reinforces defective pipe sections. These reliable engineering tests form the conclusion that after a PETROSLEEVE® is installed, the serviceability of the section of repaired pipe exceeds the serviceability of the adjacent pipe.

The Department of Transportation, Research and Special Programs Administration published the following:

49 CFR Parts 192 and 195 [Docket No. RSPA-98-4733; Amdt. 192-88; 195-68]
RIN 2137-AD25

Pipeline Safety: Gas and Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Repair

Sec. 192.309 Repair of steel pipe

Sec. 192.485 Remedial measures: Transmission lines

Please visit the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for further information.

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

In CSA Z662-15, the section on Steel Compression Reinforcement Repair Sleeves can be found in clause

Petro-Line is pleased to announce that the June 2003 edition of the CSA Z662 Standard has recognized the STEEL COMPRESSION REINFORCEMENT SLEEVE Repair. The PETROSLEEVE® Repair System meets and exceeds all the requirements of the Z662 standard.

[Nisku, Alberta, August 2003]: The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) recognizes the “Steel Compression Reinforcement Sleeve” repair method. With the PETROSLEEVE® meeting and exceeding Z662 standard, the Oil & Gas Industry benefits from a revolutionary repair method for permanently repairing pipelines. Prior to the recent June 2003 Z662 code issue, the only acceptable method to repair stress concentration type defects (i.e. cracking) was by grinding, welding on a pressure-containing sleeve, or cutting out the defect. Today, the PETROSLEEVE® Repair System offers pipeline owners an incredibly cost effective, safe, reliable and proven solution! ...full story (download PETRO-NEWS pdf)