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Diameter Range
2" (60.3mm) to 60" (1524mm)

Sleeve Thickness Range
Sleeve Thickness meets or exceeds the pipeline and is determined during the design, and varies depending on the carrier pipe and defect specifications.

Sleeve Length
Normally 36" (914mm), however, Sleeve Lengths can be custom manufactured for specific requirements.

Sleeve Material
Strength of the steel material is designed to meet or exceed that of the pipeline and varies depending on the carrier pipe and defect specifications.

High Strength, High Modulus, Moisture Insensitive, High Bond Epoxy is specially designed to cure and perform at pipeline operating temperatures.

Installation Pressure Range
The pipeline can remain in operation during installation. The installation parameters vary depending on the internal pipe pressure at the repair location.

The installation process of a PETROSLEEVE® is designed to reduce the risks and hazards involved with conventional repair methods. No welding to the operating pipeline is required.

Pipeline Product
Product includes natural gas, sour gas, crude oil, high vapor liquids, condensate, propane, butane, ethane liquids and water.

Pipeline Preparation
Pipeline should be grit blasted to allow good epoxy adhesion.

Sleeve Dry Fit
Check for pipeline ovality. Ensure fit of sleeve. Ensure no seam interruption.

Final Sleeve Protection
Sleeve can be coated with a number of industry acceptable coatings. Conductivity can be checked to ensure cathodic protection continuity to the PETROSLEEVE®. Grit blasting is recommended prior to coating.

Installation Equipment
Portable equipment is easily transported for remote installations.

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Proven Performance

The PETROSLEEVE® is manufactured to High Tolerance Standards with Quality Control Verification.

Defects Repaired
Permanent repair of all severe defect types such as Seam or Pipe Body Cracking, Corrosion, Dents, Mechanical Defects, SCC (Stress Corrosion Cracking), and Arc Burns.

Strength of Repair
The PETROSLEEVE® provides an equal or greater strength than the original pipeline material.

Quality Assurance
Following the installation of a PETROSLEEVE®, Quality Assurance procedures are used in conjunction with the installation data to determine the stress conditions for the pipeline and sleeve components; see Manufacturing Quality Control.

Extensively Tested
Since the early 1990's, a multitude of formally documented laboratory and field tests have confirmed and proven the effectiveness of the PETROSLEEVE® Repair System. In addition, several independent engineering evaluations have confirmed the scientific and mathematical theories used in the design; see Publications.

Long Term Expectancy
Severe long term fatigue cyclic testing has proven the PETROSLEEVE® Repair System's reliability.

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