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Repairing Long Seam Cracking in the ERW Seam Welds of 1950 Vintage Pipe Using the PETROSLEEVE® Technology

Evaluation and use of a Steel Compression Sleeve to Repair Longitudinal Seam-Weld Defects

Presentation to the Banff/2001 Pipeline Workshop

Pressure Cyclic Testing the PETROSLEEVE® to Measure Edge Effects and to illustrate the ability of the Sleeve to Prevent Serious Pipe Defects from Failing

Repairing Pipe Defects (Stress Corrosion Cracking, Dents, Corrosion, Mill Defects) Without Operational Outages Using the PETROSLEEVE® Repair Technique (1999 Veracruz Pemex Paper.pdf)

Repairing Pipe Defects Without Operational Outages Using the PETROSLEEVE® Preloading Repair Technique

Repairing Pipe Defects (Cracking, Arc Burns, Corrosion, Dents) Without Operational Outages Using the PETROSLEEVE® Compression Sleeve Repair Technique

Small Diameter Installation Manual - English version

Small Diameter Installation Manual - En Espanol version

Sleeve Testing Summary

Fillet Weld Strength Report - April 1999