About Us

About Us

First conceived in the 1990s, the PETROSLEEVE® Pipeline Repair System is the result of many years of diverse and successful projects in pipeline integrity and pipeline construction completed by Petro-Line Upgrading Services Ltd.

The patented PETROSLEEVE® Pipeline Repair System was developed to permanently and quickly repair pipe defects without interrupting operations or requiring complex in-service welding procedures to weld to the pipeline.


Industry required a permanent repair solution after an increased discovery of significant Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC).

The PETROSLEEVE® was first installed in Canada. Today, with over 30,000+ PETROSLEEVE® installations worldwide, we are truly the industries gold standard in pipe repair.

  • – Today – Over 30,000+ PETROSLEEVE® installations worldwide
  • – PETROSLEEVE® is first used as a crack arrestor on low toughness pipeline
  • – PETROSLEEVE® is installed in France
  • – PETROSLEEVE® is installed in Papua New Guinea
  • – PETROSLEEVE® is first used as a CP test lead contact
  • – PETROSLEEVE® is installed in Australia
  • – The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) recognizes the “Steel Compression Reinforcement Sleeve” repair method with the PETROSLEEVE® meeting and exceeding Z662 standard
  • – PETROSLEEVE® is installed in the Dominican Republic
  • – PETROSLEEVE® is installed in Mexico
  • – PETROSLEEVE® installed on a through wall anomaly for testing purposes
  • – PETROSLEEVE® is installed in the United States
  • – DOT OPS Reviewed PETROSLEEVE® for use in United States
  • – PETROSLEEVE® is installed in Canada
  • – Successful full scale testing completed
  • – Industry required a permanent repair solution after an increased discovery of significant Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)

Cost Evaluation

Using the PETROSLEEVE® Pipeline Repair System immediately reduces project costs. Alternative application options do not compete with our cost saving matrixes.

Immediate Savings: The PETROSLEEVE® offers cost savings on every installation. This is achieved in part because:

  • Repairs occur while your pipeline remains in operation
  • The immense costs of cut-out repairs are avoided
  • You will easily repair more pipeline in less time
  • PETROSLEEVE® eliminates lost production costs
  • The completed repair is permanent
  • Your repair budget is greatly extended
  • Every sleeve comes with free analysis/quality online control software
  • Free software reduces documentation costs
  • The PETROSLEEVE® exceeds code requirements

Cost and Safety Comparison: In a simple study reviewing both Cost Factor and Safety Risks inherent different methods of repairing defects, the PETROSLEEVE® clearly demonstrated immediate and cumulative project cost savings. The following cost and safety comparison studied a single defect repair on a NPS 20 pipeline. Important to note, this study excluded the enormous costs of operational shutdowns; a true benefit of using the PETROSLEEVE®.


• To consistently deliver reliable, dependable and exceptional client services

• To produce high-quality, rigorously tested and meticulously documented products

• To continuously provide support and training to our incredibly valued employees


• To immediately reduce project costs for our clients

• To promote site safety through low risk pipeline repair options that prevent line failures

• To provide repair solutions that reflect client, community and environmental values

Safety & Environment


The PETROSLEEVE® Pipeline Repair System promotes a safer site because no welding to the pipe surface removes concerns related to high CE, high strength steels, thin wall pipe sections, complex welding procedures, or finding landing areas for welds. The PETROSLEEVE® Pipeline Repair System will significantly reduce the risk of repairing defective pipe while not affecting pipeline operations. The safety of every member of our and your team is paramount in all installations.


The PETROSLEEVE® repaired area will exceed the life expectancy of a pipeline. Our clients welcome the surety our repair method offers as it reflects their desire to be good stewards of the environments we all value, and to protect them by insisting best practices are used in their construction, maintenance and repair.

After the installation of a PETROSLEEVE®, the pipeline owner can immediately confirm that their repair criteria has been achieved. You can have confidence in choosing the PETROSLEEVE® Pipeline Repair System as your pipeline repair method, knowing that zero failures have been reported for any installed PETROSLEEVE®.

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