The PETROSLEEVE® Pipeline Repair System offers two levels of certification, the Certified Installer and the Practical Applicator. PETROSLEEVE® certification is valid for one year from date of training.

Levels of Certification

A Certified Installer will:

  • Successfully complete the PETROSLEEVE® Certified Installer training course (1-2 days)
  • Be knowledgeable in the installation procedure
  • Be aware of PETROSLEEVE® installation limitations
  • Establish installation targets for the PETROSLEEVE® using the EIP software
  • Guide the installation crew in the PETROSLEEVE® installation procedure
  • Confirm installation objectives were achieved, and
  • Complete PETROSLEEVE® reporting procedures and supply reports to the customer
  • Offered for both Large and/or Small diameter PETROSLEEVE®.

A Practical Applicator will:

  • Successfully complete the PETROSLEEVE® Practical Applicator training course (3-4 hours)
  • Understand PETROSEEVE® concepts
  • Understand and follow the PETROSLEEVE® installation procedure
  • Follow directions from the on-site Certified Installer
  • Offered for both Large and/or Small diameter PETROSLEEVE®.
Certification on the PETROSLEEVE® Repair System

PETROSLEEVE® can train a member of your team or your chosen contractor to become a Certified PETROSLEEVE® installer. This cost efficient solution allows operators to have their local crews complete installations when dealers are not available in their region. To date, we have provided training in the United States, Canada, Australia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, France and Papua New Guinea. Course content is customized to meet your installation needs.

Two Training Certificates

Our training program offers two types of certification based on the pipeline diameter. Each program leads to mastery of either Large or Small diameter PETROSLEEVE® installations. Both programs offer size related procedural training employing unique and specific equipment. You can schedule both courses at the same time, or separately, as required.
Contact us to schedule a training course.

Training Details

The schedule below exemplifies a typical program required to complete crew training and install a PETROSLEEVE®:

There are 3 parts to PETROSLEEVE® training:

1. Theory 2. Hands-On Review 3. Supervised Installation

  • To obtain PETROSLEEVE® installation certification each participant must successfully complete all 3 parts. Details can be found in the “Training Requirements” section for each respective level of certification.
  • In order to install a PETROSLEEVE®, a minimum of 2 Certified Installers are required onsite for Large Diameter sleeves (NPS 30 and above) and a minimum of 1 Certified Installer is required onsite for Small Diameter (NPS 2-28) installations.
  • To complete the Hands-On Review and Supervised Installation portions of the training PETROSLEEVE® materials and tools must be available for participants.

Supervised Installations

The final stage of the PETROSLEEVE® training course involves trainee participation in Supervised Installations. At this stage students are required to demonstrate their mastery of course taught material through practical application. Since a demonstration of learned skills can only be completed when a trainee has an opportunity to participate in an actual repair process, there is always a minimum number of installations made available. The number of supervised installations is dependent on the number of trainees. If desired, more than the minimum supervised installations can be completed.


  • A PETROSLEEVE® re-certification process is available. This process allow users of the PETROSLEEVE® who are actively completing installations, and have remained knowledgeable in the installation procedure, a method of retaining certification without having to repeat a full training course. Re-certification is valid for a user with a PETROSLEEVE® certificate that has not expired, and who has participated in at least one PETROSLEEVE® installation in the previous 12-months. Contact the Petro-Line office for details on re-certification.
  • Once a user has successfully completed the re-certification process, they will be provided with a certificate valid for 1-year from the date of re-certification.
  • All training records are tracked and maintained by PETROSLEEVE®.


  • Qualified and experienced installation crews are available and provided throughout Western Canada
  • Quality Control Technicians are available to provide guidance and validations to support local crews throughout Canada, outside our Western Canadian service area.
  • If required, we can assemble a qualified and experienced installation crew for your project. We deliver and install the PETROSLEEVE®, and provide a complete Quality Control report documenting the installation. Crews are normally scheduled within a few days.
  • Clients are required to provide pipeline and repair information available for the installation crew.
  • For Emergency Installation contact us 24/7.
  • In an emergency situation we can rapidly mobilize Qualified Installers to travel to your location and utilize your existing crews to install the sleeve; contact us 24/7.

Engineering & Consulting

Inspection, Construction, Testing & Repair Expertise: Along with our associated company, Petro-Line Upgrading Services Ltd., we offer a wide range of inspection, construction, testing and repair services related to pipeline integrity and rehabilitation. To review our Pipeline Construction and Facility Construction expertise, visit the Petro-Line website for more information.